Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Chant Hare Krishna And Krishna Will Provide Part-1

daiteya danava vatsam´
prahladam asurarsabham
vidhayaduduhan ksiram
ayah-patre surasavam
daiteyah — the sons of Diti; danavah — demons; vatsam — the calf; prahladam — Prahlada Maharaja; asura — demon; rishabham — the chief; vidhaya — making; aduduhan — they milked out; ksiram — milk; ayah — iron; patre — in a pot; sura — liquor; asavam — fermented liquids like beer.
The sons of Diti and the demons transformed Prahlada Maharaja, who was born in an asura family, into a calf, and they extracted various kinds of liquor and beer, which they put into a pot made of iron.
The demons also have their own types of beverages in the form of liquors and beers, just as the demigods use soma-rasa for their drinking purposes. The demons born of Diti take great pleasure in drinking wine and beer.  Even today people of demoniac nature are very much addicted to liquor and beer.  The name of Prahlada Maharaja is very significant in this connection.  Because Prahlada Maharaja was born in a family of demons, as the son of Hiranyakasipu, by his mercy the demons were and still are able to have their drinks in the form of wine and beer. The word ayah (iron) is very significant. Whereas the nectarean soma was put in a golden pot, the liquors and beers were put in an iron pot. Because the liquor and beer are inferior, they are placed in an iron pot, and because soma-rasa is superior, it is placed in a golden pot.
[End of Purport]
So, Prithu Maharaja milks the earth. Prithu Maharaja, when he saw that the earth became unproductive, the earth was not catering to the needs of the living entities, he became very angry and he chastised the earth planet very severely. The personified earth planet or in other words, we can say Mother Earth, Vasundhara. And being afraid and at the same time recognizing Prithu Maharaja’s anger, the earth explained why she did what she did and her reason was that all kinds of non devotees are simply exploiting the planet.  Everything is meant; whatever Krishna is actually providing through Mother Nature is for the living entities’ survival. The first consideration is actually living entities get what they need and the second consideration is that whatever is there must be offered to the Supreme Personality of Godhead
and by doing that the living entities will become spiritually elevated, the living entities will become situated in their constitutional position.

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